Jogakbo, patchwork, Korean traditional attire, hanbok

누비장은 누비옷을 만드는 장인이다. 누비는 옷감의 보온과 보강을 위해 겉감과 안감 사이에 솜, 털, 종이 등을 넣거나 또는 아무것도 넣지 않고 홈질해 만든 옷을 말한다.

pojagi - love the bits of coral with the grays

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Orange Pojagi Jacket - Truly, I never have a totally original idea. I love this concept, and it looks great.

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Pojagi (Korean patchwork) used in a dress. The patches are held together by a fine overcast seam

Chunghie Lee & Jiyoung Chung (Fiber Wearable) - See their work at: Craftboston, Seaport from 19-21 April 2013!

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