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an appetizer recipe book with salmon and cream cheese on crackers in the middle
Smoked salmon and cream cheese blini canapés
Smoked salmon canapes with cream cheese
small appetizers are arranged on a plate with bread and tomato salad in the background
Smoked Salmon Crostini
Learn how to make crostini in less than 30 minutes! These smoked salmon crostini are the simplest, yet most flavorful appetizer you can offer at the cocktail party.
raw fish on a cutting board next to a bowl of pickles and cucumbers
Beetroot-cured Salmon with Cucumber & Apple Pickle
Beetroot-cured Salmon with Cucumber & Apple Pickle - The Happy Foodie
an app with food on it and the caption's page below that reads,
Mindfully Nutritious
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there are several different types of sushi on the trays, and one is ready to be cooked
Закусочные рулетики из сёмги с огурцом.
smoked salmon crostini is an easy and delicious appetizer
Smoked Salmon Crostini
These smoked salmon crostini are by far one of the best crostini recipes with creamy filling and fresh tomato relish. Quick and impressive appetizer!
smoked salmon on a grill with herbs and seasoning
Smoked Salmon Appetizers
Smoked Salmon Appetizers with Mascarpone Cheese, Chives and Dill ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | @CiaoFlorentina
a long piece of bread topped with lots of veggies
Le temps des tartines : tartines au saumon fumé - Blog de Châtaigne
Tartines au saumon fumé
a piece of bread topped with salmon and radishes
Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød
"You can put whatever you want on them," says chef Nicolaus Balla, who serves the Scandinavian open-face sandwiches at San Francisco's Bar Tartine. Simply slather a creamy spread like butter or sour cream on dense rye bread. Rob with classic combos like roast beef and crisp onions, or smoked salmon and scallions.
a bagel with salmon, capers and onions on it sitting on a plate
The Perfect Combination of Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
Make a Smoked Salmon Bagel That Stands Apart From All Others
a piece of bread topped with a flower and veggies on top of it
Nordic Open Faced Smoked Salmon Sandwiches
Nordic Smoked Salmon Open Faced Sandwiches 11
a sandwich with salmon, lettuce and capers on it
10 Best Slimmer Sandwich Recipes
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
a sandwich with cucumber, salmon and lettuce is on a white plate
Smoked Salmon Sandwiches | Oldways
Smoked Salmon Sandwiches one of my very favorites!
two pieces of bread with salmon on top and a knife next to it sitting on a piece of parchment paper
What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today
Salmon sandwich with a twist - sourdough spread with cream cheese and topped with thinly sliced apple, smoked salmon and pistachios. So good!!!
small crackers topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese
Norwegian smoked salmon canapés with cream cheese
Norwegian smoked salmon canapes with cream cheese reduced