Jaehyuk Choi
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Ingleton Pottery http://www.ingletonpottery.co.uk Throwing Making a big clay pottery salad bowl on the wheel demo how to make a

Slip cast art at Kohler Arts/Industry Residency

Moldes Sargadelos // Gallego 100%

Beautiful plaster molds in Kala Stein's studio. The end result from all of these pieces is amazing! Click the photo to see her work.

Art Ed Central loves this clay slabs template

In Sacred Geometry it is believed that each Platonic Solid corresponds to one of the Five Elements (earth, fire, water, air, or spirit / ether). The

I like the way these tall vases only use 2 main colours, the rest is dependent on tone and the image on the ceramic surface

Ceramic Bookend Planters; I can't wait to craft these beauties at my next pottery class! What a great idea for my shade-loving house plants!

Incense Burner TeePee that smokes, Ceramic Navy Blue and White, Native American Aztec Design, Stoneware Clay Pottery, Unique Namaste Gift by JessicaHicklin on Etsy:

ceramic cactus ring holder from At West End-pefect for Skye