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a pink background with an image of eyelashes and the words blink in blue on it
VALENTINE'S DAY - 2015 on Behance
the tempests'album cover with an image of a castle
Webdesign Blog
In considering how to revitalize interest of the works of William Shakespeare. Penguin Books turned to 24-year old Illustrator Manuka Waldia.
a christmas card with an image of a person holding a tree
merry christmas
merry christmas on Behance happy new year followers keep stopping by this board to find more cool craft supplies and printables next year
a bottle filled with lots of different things on top of a white surface and surrounded by words
Barclays-Marriot-Veleno-line and line and line and more
Barclays-Marriot-Veleno-line and line and line and more by Jonathan Calugi, via Behance
a round shape with different colored lines and shapes on the side, including buildings and trees
Jonathan Calugi
an orange line drawing on black paper with buildings and trees in the distance, against a dark background
Tim Boelaars
cherish your surroundings. a resolution and a map. i love this guys work!
a blue background with white outline drawings and the words,'freedom'on it
Vidtoon Review
Syndicate Original
an image of a cityscape with the name timisora written in it
Line Cities
Line Cities by Cristian Bogdan Rosu, via Behance
a green line drawing of a city with buildings and trees in the background, on a white background
Sticktown by Paula Rusu, via Behance add some simple drawings to hang on the wall #illustration
an orange and white poster with different types of lines, shapes, and numbers on it
Drifting Sol | Illustration
A three piece illustration series for Drifting Sol regarding "Exploration" in all it's sense. Visit to learn more :)
three different types of logos with blue and white designs on the bottom, one has an image
a drawing of a tower with buildings and trees on it, surrounded by other things
thetownthatbeerbuilt_attach.jpg by Mike Hegberg
병 안에 작은 세상이 존재한다는 논리가 재밌다.
a drawing of an electric guitar being held by a pair of scissors with the string attached to it
UP AND DOWN - OLD AND NEW by Jonathan Calugi
a drawing of a person holding a surfboard in front of a red and white background
Surf Royale
Surf Royale by Dario Genuardi, via Behance
a green poster with the words it's my park day
itsmyparkday3.jpg by Marc Ferrino
It's My park Day 2015 by Marc Ferrino