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Visual _ Chronology

'Visual _ Chronology' explains the history of korea magic in three steps.
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1900 _ According to the book(magic yearbook) in the United States, yeon soo Kim is first Magician in korea. He shows the levitation magic and roamed the neighborhood. This is the beginning of the history of Korea.


2000 _Magic continues congestion. But it was loved by the people through the TV. For example, In Star King, broadcast the Battle of the magician, and appeared magician every weekend. Also eungyeol Lee has a large-scale magic show in HANAM, and more than three thousand people watching this show.

1950 _ After liberation, Circus and large-scale performances grew. It was the heyday of magic. The Magic was laughter and comfort to people. But the magic stage was disappeared because of the development of the movie.