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sweet - script for After Effects by Jelio Dimitrov, via Behance
▶ Im Gonna Make it Better (After Effects Animation) - YouTube
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a series of posters with different colors and designs on them, including the words yeah
sweet - script for After Effects
sweet - script for After Effects by Jelio Dimitrov, via Behance
the logo for gona is shown on a green background
Im Gonna Make it Better (After Effects Animation)
▶ Im Gonna Make it Better (After Effects Animation) - YouTube
four different colored images with an animated character on one side and a clock on the other
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two people riding bikes past a bench on a city street with tall buildings in the background
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a man standing in front of a tent next to a person holding a cup with the word google on it
The tale of a Rando
A promo for Rando - an anonymous photo sharing platform. Credit list: Design and direction: Markus Magnusson Animation: Markus Magnusson, Raoul Alpkut Soundtrack: Ergo Phizmiz - Tillys Punctured Romancer Sound design: Markus Magnusson with some help from Ps. Try the app! iOS - Android -
a polaroid camera on a pink background
the camera collection
animation antonio vicentini // illustration billy brown // music ben hantoot //
an illustration of a man with glasses and a beard in front of a yellow background
a red wall with a black and white radio on it
I ♥ Camping App / Promo
I ♥ Camping App / Promo
a scooter is shown with the date on it's front wheel and side view
some people are flying kites in the sky and one person is riding a car
Sportboom | Video Explainer B2C
Startup explainer video. Sportboom is the best way to do sport with your friends! Video by Cromazoo.
a camera is shown in the middle of an array of small squares and dots that appear to be floating
Take More Photos
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two buildings with bicycles parked in front of them on the side of a road next to each other
Ganas de Malasaña
an old fashioned typewriter with paper on it
la vita nòva 2.3 — Class evolution
Motion graphics.