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three different business cards and envelopes with blue feathers on them
BARRO BLUE on Behance... - a grouped images picture
BARRO BLUE on Behance.
an assortment of cards and envelopes with the words candlefish printed on them in red
New Visual Identity for Candlefish by Fuzzco — BP&O
Candlefish by Fuzzco
pink and white abstract shapes are shown in this image
T by Tim Rotermund #identity #packaging #branding PD
the words kitchen hacks that change everything are in front of jars filled with food
17 Kitchen Hacks That Change EVERYTHING
DIY home hacks to keep your kitchen clean & organized
a woman is holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper that has been cut into smaller pieces
Hi Sugarplum!
Hi Sugarplum | DIY Gilded Business Cards: save money by coloring the sides of your business cards yourself.
the water is very clear and pink with some light reflecting off it's surface
three blue and white posters with different food items on them
Hefty's Burgers
Hefty's Burgers by Jake MacDougall, via Behance
the word mo tez written in black and white on a white background with geometric shapes
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Motez - Very simple 3D typeface that works well. I am going to use this kind of typeface to do a simple 3D typeface for my designs.
an info poster with information about smart homes for the future in blue and white colors
NBN + WI-FI = Smart homes for the future.
an orange line icons set on a white background
Home Icons
Dribbble - Home Icons by Yihsuan Lu
an abstract geometric design with black and white shapes in the middle, on a gray background
Daily Inspiration 354
an advertisement for the italian brand ollivetti, with circles and numbers on it
Olivetti Poster
Olivetti Poster designed by Anna Monika Jost - 1966 by ninonbooks, via Flickr
three banners with different types of food on them
GOOD (Blog - By Jessie Kay)