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four different types of paper are shown in this graphic design guide, with the text below it
Fade Out 3D Text Effect - 3 Angles
Today we have for you a new 3D text effect with a subtle fade out style well suited for posters, advertisements or other...
two people are standing on the beach in front of an orange and blue square with one person walking
Cristiana Couceiro: Photo
four luggage tags on a pink background with palm trees and buildings in the back ground
노트폴리오 - 포트폴리오
paradise for everyone - 그래픽 디자인 · 일러스트레이션, 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이션, 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이션
an aerial view of the grand canyons and mountains in arizona, usa with squares over them
image inspiration on Designspiration
a bird is sitting in the middle of some green leaves and chinese characters on it
Finding and singing - Huzi Design
a blue and red painting with words on it
MDRV Lunchtime Talk
LTT – Lunchtime Talk :: Kill Your Darlings – Frederic Lezmi, Istanbul/Cologne. Poster by Thomas Rostock & Yannick Wörner, 2015
a man and two children are standing in front of an advertisement for a car wash
Posters / Flyers - DMD
two people with long hair and glasses are holding flowers in front of the words tokyo & tokyo
Miss Moss · Compendium of Radness
These Things No.58 종이로 만들고 그위에 그래픽입히면 굳! 유명한 건축물 해볼까??
four different colored lines with the same color and font on them, all in different colors
poster set | Ceron Dance School by Ivan Moreale
multiple images of a woman with blue paint on her face and hands covering her face
HOPE - Style before gender
Hope | SS16 Collection "Hope in You, You in Hope".
the blue paint is being used to create an image
Helena Almeida, Study for Inner Improvement (1977)
Helena Almeida, Study for Inner Improvement (1977) - Pictify - your social art network
three different images with the same person holding a frisbee in front of them
curated contemporary art
an abstract painting with black, blue, yellow and red shapes on white paper that has been drawn by hand
the word drp is written in black and white
kind of luxe
This is another great use of expressive typography. Using the “o” instead of any other letter was the best choice with this word. The “o” in this case gives us the “aw” sound when saying the word “drop” rather than a long o sound like the word “stove”. Great job on this one.