Kinetic Typography for "Bread & Butter", a song by Hugo. It's took 3 days to finish. Hope you guys enjoy it!! See my website at Contact me @

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Moonrise Kingdom kinetic typography. Used C4D, Particular, After Effects and Illustrator. Soundclip from the movie: Moonrise KIngdom.

UPDATED VERSION: The song used belongs to LP. Done in Adobe After Effect CS4.

This is a typographical representation emphasizing the value of “thinking out of the box”. Examples of false statements, which were thought to be true at the time underline the importance of being open minded. New ideas which can seem ridiculous now may be just a part of our lives in the future. So, keep an open mind! "Everything that can be invented has been invented." Charles H. Duell(United States Patent and Trademark Office) 1899 "Heavier-than-air flying ...

Old Spice Commercial - Smell like a man - Kinetic Typography Look at your man, now back to me. Its a first try.

Second Kinetic Typography project. This was a spec spot for a client.

A little 2D animation piece we did for Bridging the Gap using the awesome Newton Dynamics engine for After Effects! Based on the well loved posters by Ross Gunter.

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MK12 // Brazil Inspired (© 2002 MK12)

Kinetic Typography movie – Sia Academia by Steven Bussey. This is a kinetic typo movie that I did over a summer as a self initiated project.

Hi, this is my new animation. I made it in co-lab with Luis (type) and Satoshi (sound). It follows the style of my previous video — "Respublica Bookstore Reel" Thanks for enjoying! Available for free download at my behance page Type Design: Luis Migel Torres Sound Design: Satoshi Yoshitake Motion Design: Pavel Paratov All the best, P

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