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OC Hand cut paper, LED backlit shadowbox art - Imgur holy cow - I suddenly know what to make for my niece's birthday!

SET SAIL Laminated float glass, cast concrete and bronze.W170mm x D170mm x H390mm by Ben Young

Letout Sockets

Une prise murale qui se transforme en multiprise d'une simple pression

Awesome Cardboard Lamp

huuu una lamapara... cool-lamp-cardboard-triangles

책장을 입체적으로 표현해서 딱딱한 느낌을 부드럽게 바꾼 디자인이다. 단점으로는 책의 수납면에서 불편할 수 있을 것 같다.

FuoriSalone | Milano 2014

Anodized Aluminum Channel Triangle For Led Tap Light/led Tap Light Aluminum Profile Heat Sink - Buy Aluminum Extruded Triangle,Triangle Aluminum Extrusion Profile,Aluminum Triangle Tubing Product on

Anodized Aluminum Channel triangle for led tap light/led tap light aluminum profile heat sink

LED - indirect lighting techniques (Optolum brochure)

How to Install Elegant Cove Lighting

LG Display flexible OLED Module 200x50mm 2700K and 4000K - find out more: