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an empty room with wooden floors and white walls
Casa 2008 - Casa de Arquitectura Rifa
The movable panels and the side one of the patio are composed by a double skin of rough polycarbonate and the skylight of polycarbonate alveolar.
a hand pointing at something on top of a table with white and black speckles
Marbled / Stools
several different colors of tile on top of each other with gold and blue speckles
Angie's Material Library
Cork rubber flooring by Zandur is made up of 65% recycled cork and 35% rubber; materials that are eco-friendly and renewable. These floors offer extra slip resistance using the natural texture by the added cork. These floors are also more durable than solid rubber floors. Available surface profiles: smooth, hammered, round stud, and square stud.
an image of some kind of green and orange material that appears to be marbled
Terrazzo Australian Marbles More
an empty hallway with bright blue walls and windows on both sides, leading to the sky
School with quadruple-height atrium by Behnisch Architekten
Great use of color blocking in interior paint schemes - Secondary School Ergolding by Behnisch Architekten
a white background with multicolored confetti sprinkles on it
how bad it is? was there a total and ongoing sharing of knowledge
a large white building sitting on top of a cement floor next to a tall tree
Shanghai office transformed into aluminium-clad tech incubator by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
a tall white structure sitting on the side of a road next to a parking meter
Shanghai office transformed into aluminium-clad tech incubator by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Schmidt Hammer Lassen transforms office into tech incubator
an image of a house with stairs and windows
Elding Oscarson . Nerima House . Tokyo (10)
Elding Oscarson . Nerima House . Tokyo (10)
there is a brick wall that has several pieces of metal attached to the side of it
Brick Cladding Systems
brick cladding system
there are three pictures of the outside of a building with grass in front of it
Account Suspended
[dance center] Laban Dance Center, Herzog & de Meuron
an empty parking lot in front of two buildings with glass walls on each side and one building behind it
Komuten Rocks! - WHAT WE DO IS SECRET
an exterior view of a building with white walls
20.87: casa do lado, sao paulo
Corrugated polycarbonate
a metal staircase going up to a tree
Stairs corten steel