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Indiana Jones Animation Test - Making of

Briefly explaining some of the steps for creating the Indiana Jones test animation

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"The Goose" animation making of

Here is the short making of from the second teaser of short movie "Magic Forest". I`d like to present animation process from the reference to the final shot. Music by For more information visit

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I would like to share my process from my last student animation with all of you. From the main idea to taking references, then getting good physics from the reference and trying to push acting choices and physics even more in the blocking. Hope it can be useful! Thanks again for watching

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Alexis Wanneroy - Animation Reel Breakdown 2014

Here's some of process to create the shots from Rise of the Guardians and How to train your dragon. This video is meant to show the process of a shot from shooting reference to blocking a shot, splining/polishing , and the final lighting. Responsible for all animation. Footage is property of Dreamworks Animation.

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11 Second Club Progression - March 2012

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EPIC Animation Tips

Hi, I'm Patrick Giusiano, I'm a French animator, currently working in Blue Sky Studios and I had the great privilege to work on Epic. Working with Chris Wedge and all the Amazing Blue Sky animation team was one of the most enjoyable moments in my career. By working on my shots, showing them in dailies, I learned things to help facilitate the life of a shot from the Kick off to the Final delivery. I thought it would be interesting to share what I learned in this video... Here is an ...

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Video References - Puss in Boots & ROTG

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I've been wanting to post a work in progress video of some of my shots from Frozen. This is the first one I wanted to post and it shows the process that I go through on a shot like this. I use 2d animated rough tests a lot in my workflow , specially for a broad cartoony shot like this one. I wanted also to show how the 2d sketch translates into the CG character , and the fact that I don't copy 100% the 2d into the CG , I just use it as a reference and starting point. Later, I hide ...

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A little taste of my workflow on DreamWorks Animation's "The Croods".

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