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PSA: Amnesty International

A PSA for Amnesty International, for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and at its borders. Music: Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000 by Soap&Skin

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+Water for children+

Surprising Changes 1.We can go to school. Walking 15 minutes a day, instead of 3 hours, is enough to fetch water. 2.We can drink clean water. 3.Streets become clean. Thanks to the toilets built with donations, we don’t need to live or play on the filthy, not clean, streets.

월드비전이 생각하는 진정한 후원은 [자립] 입니다. ▶ 잘가요 월드비전 ▶ 나레이션: 김혜자 월드비전 친선대사 우리가 이 마을에 온 것은 순간 불쌍한 마음이 들어서도 보람을 느껴보고 싶어서도 아니다 사람으로 태어나서 먹고 마시고 배우고 스스로 살아감은 얼마나 당연한 일인가? [후원이 끝나도 스스로 살아가는 자립마을] 그 당연한 일을 당연하게 만들었을 뿐이니 아이야, 고맙다는 인사는 않기로 하자 잘가요. 그 한마디면 충분하니 마을 스스로 아이를 지킬 수 있을 때 우리는 다른 마을로 향합니다

This video is world vision "dream school" of well done project. This video made by VDAS students. And All things is free. because this project is talent donation. we wish more dream school are building.

Children of Labor (UNICEF)

Children of Labor is a stop-motion piece whose concept derived from the idea of “heroes and villains” that was created by myself, Krystal Sojourner, and motion designer Mina Valizadeh. In regards to the creative execution, we decided to work on a PSA geared towards the children of labor across the globe. In the piece, the heroes are the people who choose to support a child’s future, and the villains are those who enforce the hazardous working conditions these children endure. In our ...