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CCTV Ink Commercial directed by Niko Tziopanos

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Pan's Labyrinth Title sequence

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Monologue of a man who worry the future and until now about his life. Director / Animation / BGM : Takeshi Tsunehashi

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Painted Skin2 prologue_movie title

Painted Skin2 prologue_movie title studio_330v

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An exploration in nostalgia, the “World Of Motion” is a tribute to man’s various achievements in transportation and technology. Direction, Animation & Design - Colin Hesterly |

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客戶Client:源活YOUNG HOPE 平面設計 Graphics:鄭司維 動態設計 Motion:蔡卓翰 視覺總監 Creative Director : 羅申駿 JL 視覺影像統籌 Creative Agency: JL DESIGN 監製 Executive Producer:巫安琪 Angela Moo 資深製作人 Senior Producer:蔡佳穎 Chia Ying Tsai 美術指導 Art Director: 魏良恩 Lance Wei 主設計師 Lead Designer: 洪湘茹 Hsiang Ju Hung 製作群 Production Staff:林佳蓉 Jennifer Lin、 李怡君Silvia Lee、林志翰 Ryan Lin、林逸Scott Lin、 陳郁文Orange Chen Voice-over : 雷光夏 Summer Lei 典禮視覺/影像音樂設計 Music:MUSDM 音樂統籌 Music Director:李銘杰 Rockid Lee 配樂&音效 Composition…

AICP 2013 - Title Sequence in Purely Motion Graphics

Executive Creative Director: Alexei Tylevich Executive Creative Director: Ben Conrad Creative Director: Alan Bibby Executive Producer: Dan Sormani VFX Supervisor: J. John Corbett Art Director: Jeffrey Welk VFX Producer: Madison Brigode Post Coordinator: Catherine Yi Lead 3d Artists: Warren Heimall, Mark Rohrer 3d Artists: Ashley Morgan, George Smaragdis, James Isaaks, Grant Cerulo Storyboard Artist: Fred Fassberger 2d Compositors: Matt St. Leger, Eric Concepcion, Jason Tsang, Paulo Dias…

Alice in wonderland title sequence

Alice in wonderland (2010, Tim Burton) Title sequence was created by Park Daye :D Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe AfterEffect CS6 Cinema 4D