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the diagram shows how to use different types of blocks for building an outdoor structure, and where they are located
the instructions for how to make a bench
MVRDV receives permission for the couch clubhouse at IJburg
MVRDV receives permission for the couch clubhouse at IJburg - designboom | architecture & design magazine
three different types of lines that are drawn on paper
Landscaping Saint-Barthélémy d’Anjou / Atelier Arcau
Diagram: Landscaping Saint-Barthelemy d'Anjou / Atelier Arcau
a map showing the location of several different rivers and areas that are connected to each other
a map with yellow dots on it shows the location of different areas in the city
Ahmedabad Plan. Urban Villages - Rehabilitación y Reactivación de Tejidos en Confilcto. Memnagar.Ahmedabad - Jorge Pizarro Montalvillo PFC - ETSAM http://pizarrojorge.com/
an overview of the various types of buildings
an aerial view of a river and mountains
Top 15 Space Station Earth Images of 2015
Southeast Asia’s largest river winds as a red-brown channel of floodwater resulting from very heavy monsoon rainfall that affected populations from North Vietnam through Thailand and Myanmar to India, starting on 26 July. ISS crews have been specially tasked to document floods photographically—-photos such as this represent the best of the kind imagery that NASA tries to gather to assist relief authorities on the ground....
there are many people on boats in the water near some mountains and green grass with trees
Hanoi Hoa Lu and Tam Coc Day Tour in Vietnam Asia
Hoa Lu and Tam Coc Day Tour Enjoy a spectacular small-group day tour discovering the Ninh Binh province and Red River Delta of Vietnam. This trip will surely bring you an unforgettable travel experience.Depart your hotel this morning at 8.30am for the 2.5 hour drive through rural northern Vietnam to the site of Vietnam’s first capital, Hoa Lu. Visit the temples dedicated to Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang of the Dinh Dynasty (968-80), and Emperor Le Dai Hanh of the Le Dynasty (9...
two people on a boat with a net in the air
Fishing Chenzhou, Hunan China
four circles with different designs on them, all in different colors and sizes are shown
Taylor Yard Farm - Los Angeles River Revitalization | [Minh]Tam Banh | Archinect
Things my friends are making @Tami Banh
a black and white drawing of a tall building with a clock tower on it's side
Architectural Drawings Behind Empty Building Silhouettes
#Architectural #Drawings Behind Empty Building Silhouettes – #Florence
the diagram shows different parts of an airplane that are flying through the air, and on top of each other
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TØNDER TOWN HALL -extension by Konrad Wójcik