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Slumdog Millionaire Title Sequence

The objective of this motion piece is to create a chaotic and energetic atmosphere that a slum in India depicted in Slumdog Millionaire has with collage-style graphics and dynamic animations. Final Project in Motion Design 2 at Art Center College of Design Music: OK by Dfalt

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Since way back in 2009, we've worked on a few projects with two of our favorite people, directors Joe & Anthony Russo. So when we found out we'd have the opportunity to pitch on their latest project, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we were absolutely thrilled. Many months later we are excited to finally share the results.


Title sequence and content dividers for Carlos Prats' documentary "Històries de Bruguera", an insight into the Mortadelo y Filemón's Editorial. Direction: No-Domain Music: Jaime Stinus Typeface: Acropolis by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Furniture: Nu Showroom (thanks to Regina & Ricardo) Roles: Direction & Design.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and behold! The end title sequence for the feature Beautiful Creatures, the latest paranormal romance film from Warner Bros. Pictures. Set in a fictional South Carolina town, the film’s nature elements factor into the mossy silhouettes and tree-laden background of the end titles. The team also individually customized each environment to incorporate the film’s theme of Light versus Dark. Which will you choose?

For school (VFS), we had to make a Title Sequence and I decided to make the movie of my life (so far we just have the title sequence :P) and its everything in boxes and circles... It took me a lot of work... there is thousands of key frames made in after effects... Music by The Books Thanks God Update: Finalist for the ADAA, Motion Graphics category

"간첩" 오프닝시퀀스 모션랩 전문과정에 다녔던,,, 조경훈이라고 합니다. 영화 "간첩"의 오프닝시퀀스입니다 현재 4th creative party에 다니고 있습니다. 오래간만에 인사드리네요. 이번에 작업한,,작품들을 하나하나 소개 해 드리려고 합니다. 다른 오프닝시퀀스들과 달리 메인스태프들의 크레딧을 소개하는 목적이 아닌 한반도의 간첩 사건기록 및 실정에 대한 소개가 필요한 시퀀스로 제작되었습니다 처음엔 뉴스 편집은 편집실에서 해주기로 하고 저는 타이틀 애니메이션만 잡으면 되는 것이었는데 욕심이 나서 뉴스 편집을 새로 하고 TV효과를 주고.... 아무래도 뉴스보도라는 정해진 틀안에서 하다보니 심심한 부분이 있어 임팩트 있는 컷을 추가 하기 위해 잉크 소스들을 활용한 샷까지 작업을 하게 되었습니다 타이틀이 뜨는 느낌은 필드의 효과와 간첩의 활동방식을 컨셉으로 작업을 하여 마무리 되었습니다. 컨펌이 ...

Studio: Now films Director: Jang Joon-hwan Genre: Action Thriller Title sequence of "THE HWHY" Motion design : Kyunghoon JO a.k.a SIXOKLOK / Saerom Kim

Directed by Shane Black Produced by Kevin Feige More info: Produced at Prologue Films

Artwork - Hyowon Lee / Kyunghoon Jo ( SIXOKLOK ) Title Design - Sora Ryu Credit Design - Sora Ryu Rotoscoping - Hyowon Lee / Sora Ryu / Yueun Park Motion - Hyowon Lee / Kyunghoon Jo ( SIXOKLOK ) Sequence of "The War Of Flower 2" 2014.07