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超迷你桌上型溫室 讓你不會忘記澆水的沙漏盆栽「Lives Glass」 | 大人物

Zero – Foam Cleanser Bottle Design by Yongwoo Shim » Yanko Design

Ever Gassed a Wheel? | Yanko Design

Carbonated water machine _ Whale motive concept design / LEQUIP 2nd idea & design contest _ Gold priz

Seeing Sounds-Solution-Senario

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7 Incognito Wearables You'd Never Guess Were Gadgets

Agree? This is one of the best looking pieces of wearable technology. via Mashable. Pure awesome, hopefully will made soon

A $30,000 Waterbed That Vibrates With Music

The Tranquility Pod - A 6 foot wide temperature-controlled waterbed with LED mood lighting and an 80-watt audio system.

Fitness and Gym Motivation Designs

No more running with headphone cords. WANT!