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Great scarf, socks, hat and coat! Can I dress E like he is at an English boarding school?

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kneesocks1: I wish Jason would join this blog….. he has more of these boys Nice short shorts worn by the boy on the left

New Zealand schools vol. II : uniform garments -- suits

Top London Prep School

One of the most destinctive aspects of New Zealand schools are the uniforms. Americans will find it curious that for the most part that primary children do no wear uniforms, but almost all secondary schools require them. This was common in Britain during the early 20th century when school uniform trends were established in New Zealand. It is just the opposite of trends in America where many primary school children wear uniforms, but uniforms are much less common in secondary schools.

Prince Hisahito’s First Day of School

秋篠宮悠仁親王(あきしののみやひさひとしんのう)殿下 with 秋篠宮文仁親王(あきしののみやふみひとしんのう)殿下, 同妃紀子(きこ)殿下 御両親と御一緒に初めての御登校 平成25年4月7日 AD2013 Prince Hisahito | The Royal Hats Blog