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an animated image of a man with two swords in front of other cartoon characters on a red and blue background
a painting of a person sitting on a chair in the middle of a room filled with toys
madoka magica witch collage work
a collage of various cartoon characters on a black and white background with red accents
an image of a man with wings on his head and body surrounded by other things
Oktavia von Seckendorff
an image of a woman with music notes on her chest and arms in the air
Madoka Kaname and Oktavia Von Seckendorff
an anime character with long hair and black dress
bigskycastle on tumblr ⏰
Doodle, Fandom, Manga Anime
Cartoon Network, Fan Art, Anime Girl, Animé
a drawing of two people hugging each other
an anime character holding two large red and blue swords in front of her face,
a drawing of a woman wrapped in pink ribbon