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a drawing of a man holding his hand out to another person's arm,
three women hugging each other in front of a black background
Фото 895294336376 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ.ru в ОК
three white statues are standing next to each other
a drawing of a man sitting down with his arm around another man's shoulder
뱨덕 on Twitter
a close up of a statue of a woman with her hand on her chin and looking off to the side
an old drawing of a woman with flowers in her hand
a white sculpture is standing on top of a table and it looks like she's naked
Study 03, Oleksa Astron
a white sculpture on the side of a wall
a black and white photo of a nude woman with her hands behind her back,
a statue of a woman with her hands in her hair
FERDINANDO ANDREINI | LA BAGNANTE (THE BATHER) | 19th and 20th Century Sculpture | Sculpture | Sotheby's