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Traditional knots (maedup, 매듭) have been used for various purposes throughout the ages. They were first only worn by royal families, but were later admired and used by common people. Nowadays, this traditional craft is preserved by skillful artists and is often viewed as a modern artform. These beautiful works of art can be purchased in the shops of Insadong or in the Dong-Lim Knot Museum. For more information, visit:


Traditional costume by Seo Young-hee and Kim In-ja (Culture Ministry) South Korea will showcase its traditional crafts at one of the world’s largest international furniture fairs set to open in Milan, Italy. The government-led exhibit, “Constancy and Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013,” will be part of the Milan International Furniture Fair on April 9-14, the ministry said, adding that it will be the first time Korean crafts will be on display at the trade fair.


한복 > [한복]현대적인 감각으로 풀어낸 반가의의 한복 컬렉션 웨딩21 매거진 (Wedding21) - 결혼대백과 웨프 sigh, love the make up with the hanbok. hair looks really good w the traditional clothes...

Korean Masks, Insadong Arts and Crafts distirict These wooden masks are used in many types of rituals but is more commonly seen in Korean mask plays called Tal-nori (탈놀이). The word, Tal, has the meaning of meeting a misfortune like the words, Talnatda (something wong) or baetalatda (have a stomach ache) and it is said that Talnori was played wearing Tals (maskㄴ) shaped like bugaboos to prevent such a misfortune. (