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an empty room with several different types of tile on display in the center, and lights hanging from the ceiling
How is the future? Kale at Cersaie 2014
How is the future?When an international brand asks for a new stand design usually is to mark a shift in perception. The Turkish Kale Group - the third manufacturer in the European ceramic market - in 2011 established Kale Italia as qualified hub for all…
a small glass house sitting on top of a roof
minima moralia, a modular pop-up studio space for artists and makers
a yellow and black booth sitting in front of a building
Fendi branded popsicles have invaded Milan central station - Luxurylaunches
an aerial view of several buildings with colorful awnings on them and a ferris wheel in the background
Moyo Restaurant: Sustainable Agriculture Meets Modern Architecture!
View of the Moyo Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
an aerial view of a small house with two people in it
Une extension contemporaine : un cube dans mon jardin - Frenchyfancy
Une extension contemporaine : un cube dans mon jardin - FrenchyFancy
three different colored cages are on display in a room with green and pink lights around them
29Rooms Makes Its West Coast Debut by Amanda Vandenberg
people are standing in front of an orange container on the floor and looking at it
Hermes Silk Bar-- Festival walk
Fashion Retail Promotion 2009-2010: Hermes Silk Bar-- Festival walk
two pictures of the inside and outside of a small house on top of a roof
Pop-Up Art Studio Offers Creatives an Affordable Alternative Space to Work In
“Creativity should not be linked to a social status. It rises within people and therefore anyone should be granted the opportunity to investigate, experiment, rehearse and play. To do this we need new affordable spaces."
an artist's rendering of the inside of a grocery store with people walking around
Newsroom | Vicinity Centres
an exhibit stand with a glass and wood structure
several portable toilets are lined up on the street
tsai design studio: moyo waterfront restaurant + urban farm
a couple of shipping containers sitting on top of a lush green field next to a tall building
a black and white box sitting on top of a grass covered field next to people
Events - ISO Spaces
Events | ISO Spaces
there are many bags on display in the store
Muji to go shop display
the entrance to a luxury store with black and gold windows
First Givenchy Store In The US Opens In Las Vegas
First Givenchy Store In The US Opens In Las Vegas