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a woman is looking in the mirror with her hand on her face and another man's head
Amélie (2001) Dir. Jean-pierre Jeunet
Amélie (2001) Dir. Jean-pierre Jeune
a bathroom with blue and pink tiles on the walls, floor and bathtub in it
Japan 2006 — map de maar
an old fashioned kitchen with green and white checkered flooring, yellow walls, and red chairs
Show: "Pushing Daisies" (2008) Production Designer: Michael Wylie Set Decorator: Halina Siwolop
a woman is preparing food in the kitchen
Amélie - The Best Kitchen Inspo From Our Favorite Movies - Photos
a woman standing in front of a kitchen window with potted plants on the counter
a person holding a book and writing something on the floor next to a pole with a cell phone in it
Audrey Tautou as Amélie Poulain | Amelie, Amélie poulain, Audrey tautou
a woman standing next to a kiosk on the street
a green chair sitting in front of a small tv on top of a wooden dresser
Aaron Ruell Photography
an empty room with lots of clutter on the floor and large windows overlooking the ocean
an open window shows the inside of a room that has been renovated and is lit up