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a man in a suit and tie with the words me after calling a 612 year old
soob the boob
a person with pink hair and blue jeans holding two red smiley faces in their hands
jinjja hago sipeossdeon maleul halge baek yijin 🥺
a person sitting on the ground wearing a hoodie
id still love him even is he was a frog tbh 🐸😍
taylor swift's reaction to skz was incredibly real of her text reads taylor swift's reaction to skz was incredibly real of her
Girl was jamming
someone is looking at their computer screen with the text stay and moas fighting meanwhile skz and tx are having a sleepover
two young men wearing headsets with the caption when u have to write a comforting song but your opponent is svt
two people hugging each other with the caption i hope god makes me a carat in my next life too
a girl with white hair standing in the snow and texting find someone who will loves you
a young man standing in front of a soccer field with the words darumaderm da
a person holding their hand up to their face with the caption he's a 10 but he like his pet rock more than u
Oh to be a rock-
a young man with his hair in the air and text that reads i need a carat bestie
svt | carat
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a person sitting in front of a microphone with the words i want to experience never ending g