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Sejong the Great (세종대왕, 世宗大王 in Korean),May 6, 1397 – May 18, 1450; r. 1418 - 1450, was the fourth ruler of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and a beloved Korean folk hero.

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Yi Myeong-Gi | (Mid 18th - Early 19th Century) Portrait of O Jae-Sun | Joseon Dynasty, Late 18th - Early 19th Century | Colors on Silk

Yun Du-seo: self-portrait (circa 1710). Yun Du-seo was a Korean painter, poet, composer, and scholar who argued for the modernization of Confucianism through the dialogue with Western ideas. This self-portrait is one the first Western-style portraits painted in Korea, and is often referred to as a masterpiece of Korean art.

Portrait of King Kwangkaito by LEE JONG -SANG(1938-)

Portrait of Song Si-yeol, c. Joseon period, 18th Century by Jin Jae-hae

Portrait of an official, 17-1800s

King Cheoljong of Korea, Joseon Dynasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Taegon Kim(1822-1846) also known as St. Andrew Kim Taegon, was Korea’s first native born Catholic priest.

Queen Min, the last queen of Korea

Famous Korean painting