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two wolfs are playing with each other in the snow
'Two Gray Wolves Touch Noses during a Tender Moment' Photographic Print - Jim And Jamie Dutcher | AllPosters.com
I recently watched a National Geographic special on wolves and read 'Lone Wolf' by Jodi Picault. I knew they were incredibly smart but what discovered just took my breath away. They are loyal, loving, fierce, disciplined and structured societies based on strong females leading the pack. They are superb survivors. Observing their resourcefulness makes me so happy they share my earth. #gazing through nature's door2
two white foxes are playing with each other in the hay and straw covered ground together
Arctic Fox Cubs
a close up of a wolf's face with blue eyes
a close up of a brown and white fox looking at the camera with an alert look on its face
Endangered Species
Gorgeous Photographs of Africa's Endangered Ethiopian Wolf : TreeHugger
a white wolf standing on top of a snow covered ground next to a deer's antler
Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus) Chewing on Antler, Colorado Game Farm Photographic Print by Konrad Wothe | Art.com
Timber Wolf..animals don't kill for the thrill..they eat it all and use whats left for a toothpick!
a woman holding a white fluffy dog in her arms
This adorable dog who kind of resembles a wolf.
21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. muahahaha
a man holding his hand up to the face of a dog
'Jim Dutcher Places His Hand to the Paw of a Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus' Photographic Print - Jim And Jamie Dutcher | Art.com
Friends forever Whiskers Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples www.cookiesinbloom.com www.hannahscaramelapples.com
two goats standing next to each other near a wall
best friends believe it or not!
a wolf sitting in the grass with a quote above it that reads, me are pelo que sou e nao que voie que que que que que que que que que que que que que que que que que que que?e
Gray Wolf, Washington
A gray wolf in Wolf Haven International in Washington state. Photo by National Geographic.
a wolf is looking up at the sky
Image detail for -Still Howling Wolf — High Country News
two gray wolfs standing next to each other with their heads touching the back of one's head
wolf love. pic.twitter.com/Io6wmquFCO
a close up of a wolf laying on the ground
Creative Photography, Kill, and Wolf image ideas & inspiration on Designspiration
in for the kill....................... i hope he's not getting ready to kill a rabbit......
a person holding a small white animal in their hands
Baby wolf. (KO) Not so fearsome at this point, but he will get there. Don't rush him. He's sleeping.
a white wolf sitting in the snow with its mouth open
sometimes I wish I could sing from the bottom of my soul like a wolf does!