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a spoon with some green food in it
Simple Basil Vinaigrette Recipe
Easy Basil Vinaigrette | I buy a basil plant and usually have to throw 2/3 of its withered body away 2 days's the solution! :D
the instructions for how to make a paper box that is open and closed with no lid
LEAF / Vegetarian fast food restaurant concept
LEAF / Vegetarian fast food / Green meal package by Stefan Knežević, via Behance
three different views of an open pizza box
Vesuvio Pizzeria
NEW pizza packing with wooden cutlery ~ Packaging / Vesuvio-Pizzeria
an assortment of different types of papers on a wooden table
Fast Food packaging
six plastic containers with food in them on a white background
Delishop Take Away
Delishop Take Away packaging designed by Enric Aguilera. "The new line of prepared dishes 'Take Away' for Delishop based on the concept 'urban picnic' is presented as a fun option to consume the products from different points of Barcelona."
a bag filled with lettuce sitting on top of a table
Student: Love Hurts
Concept: La Mâche Nantaise - The Dieline -
a cup that has some sort of food in it with the number four above it
1 Week Salad: Toshiba's Organic Salad Grown in an Old Semiconductor Factory
toshiba semiconductor factory salad
six packages of food are shown with labels for the company's packaging design, including sandwiches and salads
Integrated Creative Agency and Design Consultancy - HDG
Branding food project by Hangar Design Group
the lunch box is packed and ready to be eaten
Delishop Take Away
Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Delishop Take Away
Citizen Check packaging by ttom Ingredients Design, Meal Packaging, Organic Packaging, New Packaging, Cooking Set, Meal Kit
Check out Lauren8558's new print or packaging design from 99designs
Citizen Check packaging by ttom
a box filled with different types of bread and other food on top of a wooden table
Catering |
gourmet box lunches - Gold Box Lunch Sandwich Box: any Specialty sandwich served with a small Traditional green salad, fresh fruit cup and a brownie or cookie. Salad Box: Any House, Bistro or Traditional salad with meat accompanined by a fresh fruit cup, roll with butter and a browie or cookie. $12.95
three different types of soaps on top of each other
Die selbstöffnende FoodBox
a foodie bag with a spoon in it sitting on top of a cardboard box
This does for food what the flower sachtel does for flowers...this should be in every food store take home supplies