The Music Factory is my graduation project in VFS Digital Design program. It is a bumper for a fictitious music channel, with a message of being different and unique. Art Direction & Modeling& Animation: Bill Fu Music: The Funky Stuff by David Hamilton (Premium Beat) Special Thanks to:Jesse Davidge, Nida Fatima,and all the instructors and students from Digital Design Program

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This is a story about Burstype . Burstype is an hand animated font , that I have created using the cel animation techniques. This project include a Motion Graphic Video to introduce Burstype. It's a personal project I made in my spare time. I used different techniques , mixed 3d with 2d animation and character animation . It has been a long work , but really funny for me experimenting this mix. I hope you'll enjoy it! Special thanks to Sound Designer Stefano Maccarelli Burstype i...

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Created this fun little animation for To be used on a background screen on loop for their booth at semi permanent in Auckland. The idea was to make a logo resolve that would work as a loop for the entire event, and would hold people's attention for repeat viewings. Created in Cinema 4d and rendered in octane.

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Nickelodeon Icecream Factory Promo First month of 6. All Latin America, Brazil included.

Du 24 avril au 10 août 2014, la Gaîté lyrique se faufile dans les coulisses de l'animation tactile et expose les imaginaires les plus fous d'une génération qui réalise des films comme on réalise des tours de magie. Plus d'informations sur

Europe In 8 Bits - Opening Titles on Vimeo

Director / CG / BGM : Takeshi Tsunehashi vient de dévoiler une superbe nouvelle version de son site et nous sommes ravis d'avoir, en collaboration avec la team Fubiz media et le duo créatif argentin Six & Five animé ce film 3D qui met en avant les univers du site: graphisme, technologie, photographie, vidéo. Découvrez la Fubiz Creativity Room ! Pour plus d'infos: 2 FACTORY Motion design Tel: +33(0)1 83 64 14 34 Web: Twitter: @2factory

Savage Factory by Daniel Savage.

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