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a drawing of a boy in bed with his hand on the pillow and looking at an alarm clock
The Masochists - A 1960 Study In Extreme Pain - Flashbak
a drawing of a hand holding a pencil
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Juxtapoz Magazine Gallery
a man standing on a ladder next to a giant pink heart in a room filled with shelves
an image of two people cooking food in the kitchen with cats and dogs around them
Alice and Martin Provensen, часть 8
the new yorker magazine cover with chairs and tables in front of a chandelier
The New Yorker March 31, 1975 Issue
an image of a table with food on it in front of a cat and dog
an old menu with ducks and geese in the background, as well as a duck on a plate
André Hellé . Menu Oie.
a drawing of a farmer's market with fruits and vegetables
a drawing of a man and woman standing in front of a tree with pink blossoms
Pierre Le-Tan
a cartoon drawing of a man and woman looking at each other through a window with the words how to live in a flat
W. Heath Robinson – part 19