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Now I am working on illustrations for the novel "Boutique Pearl Vixen." Please check out @00obsidian00 그림그리는 흑요석입니다 :D 팔언팔 프리! Na Young Wooh aka Obsidian. Professional illustrator. For further information, please contact my agency :

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Enlightenment for us must be acheived nine times is to be one with yourself, every part of that self, for which each tail represents. Only the calming radiant light of the moon can reflect and reveal the truth of every 1/9 of our inner being. This is the faith of our kin the kitsune, and something every queen must contemplate.

Chinese painting. girl in Hanfu

흑요석South Korean illustrator Obsidian (also known as Huk-yo-suk)

흑요석 Obsidian(@00obsidian00) 님 | 트위터의 미디어 트윗

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Out of all the manga I've read, "The Bride of The Water God" is the without question the most visually stunning. I wish I could've found a pin of Mura though (was too lazy to upload one myself)...