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a model of a city with lots of buildings and roads on it's sides
Atelier de Montrouge 1968-1972. Organisation... - LOVE YOU SO MAT groundscrapers and so on...
a sculpture made out of metal pieces on a white wall
Brutalist Wall Sculpture by William Bowie
an abstract art piece is shown against a white background with gold lines and rectangles
an old black and white map shows the location of several buildings in different locations, including one
LOVE YOU SO MAT groundscrapers and so on...
a large group of white objects are arranged in the shape of squares and rectangles
FOCO archive: INPX: Study of the built fabric of downtown Phoenix revealing the voided character of the environment #urbanism #architecture #Phoenix
a blue line drawing of an area that has been constructed into squares and is surrounded by smaller buildings
FO archive: IC: Study aggregating the infrastructural grid for flood-proof growth from Kisho Kurokawa's Agricultural City (1960) #design #architecture #drawing #japan
an image of a train going down the tracks with arrows pointing in different directions on it
FOCO archive: Infrastructural Infill concept sequence for housing infrastructure on Park Avenue #urbanism #architecture #foco
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts
Galería de Ganador EUROPAN12: Kaufbeuren: Fasten Your Seat belt! - 11
Ganador EUROPAN12: Kaufbeuren: Fasten Your Seat belt!
a map with yellow and pink lines in the shape of buildings on top of each other
FOCO archive: INPX planning axon from our winning entry in the AIA Phoenix 'Infill Phoenix' competition studying the possibilities of an alternative city form produced by connecting every unused downtown parcel #urbanism #architecture
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
Archiprix International
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an artist's rendering of a bridge over a river with people walking on it
Osumi Panoramas
10_Osumi Panoramas-YellowOfficeYO
FOCO archive: Layer study of CONEY Aikido urbanism showing the primary infrastructural elements and building concepts #urbanism #architecture
a drawing of a city with lots of buildings
Beit El Diafeh-( Eldergarten ) | Elie Nassar - Arch2O.com