Nadeem Khan
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Thursday Workout (BACK): my visual 45min workout

I run in just in time to see the ball of magic fire propel into his chest, “NOOOOOOO!!” I scream. I run to his side, his losing his light too fast I don’t know if I can stop it. “Come on stay with me,” he smiles and raises a hand to my face, he strokes along my cheekbone with a cool finger. The power was rising in me, “NO! you don’t get to die on me today” I made the strongest ball of sunlight I could and thrust it into his chest. “Wha-What happened? Where am I?” She ran to him and hugged…

And he set fire to all I loved, the crackling flames drowning out the cries for help, the pleas of surrender. They were gone. And he was watching, a smile on his face.