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The #Opla seating concept aims to bring both comfort and efficiency to subway systems as ridership continues to climb with each wave of new urban transplants. The leaning position makes it faster, easier and more convenient for both individual riders and groups. The minimal footprint of each unit also provides spacial efficiency with more room for standing riders particularly during rush hour. #Yankodesign

Signpost in Tokyo, Japan- Possibly for a school? If so, LOVE the concept.

Roma market意大利卡普里罗马市...@设计时代采集到THINKDO³设计时代(6067图)_花瓣平面设计

Roma market意大利卡普里罗马市...@设计时代采集到THINKDO³设计时代(6067图)_花瓣平面设计

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Blue Ocean Sushi | Carlsbad, CA designed by Bells & Whistles 2014

Site ID Signage | 成都远洋太古里

ballarat clarendon college–signage + wayfinding - crampton d+a

Signage at Umeda Hospital by Kenya Hara, 1998. Click image for link to company profile and visit the boards >>


Category: Wayfinding/exterior environment Designer: Bentuk Source: Inspiration: I enjoy the use of minimal materials for this sign.