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silence张庆采集到icon(411图)_花瓣UI 交互设计

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silence张庆采集到icon(514图)_花瓣UI 交互设计

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[Legend] Hearthstone - full 2D resources, micro-elements, the game-owned ...

DEVILJACK-99采集到Jack的分享 - 专注游戏设计原创作品,不做采集活;)

DEVILJACK-99采集到Jack的分享 - 专注游戏设计原创作品,不做采集活;)

I'm working in a new game and I would like show this art concept of gems. I hope you like.

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I really like these emblems as they also would fit in in well with a cartoony styled design,

Pirate elements, Kirill Losev on ArtStation at