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a woman is eating something in the middle of a crowd with an ad above her
Me in real life: Photo
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the tweet is being posted on twitter
The wisdom of Sappho
two women sitting on a couch talking to each other
Oh how the turntables
two men in tank tops standing next to each other at a bar, one with the word gay on it
two women are talking to each other while one is holding a cell phone
Ya yeet
two tweets that have been posted to someone on the same page, one is laughing
Logan being slutty the book 2
an image of cartoon characters in the living room with caption that reads, i'm
Picture memes 8SM5WuL17: 3 comments — iFunny
a man holding a microphone in front of his face with an image of a lizard on it
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two women sitting on the beach talking to each other and one is holding her head
Sunscreen feels gross tbh 😣 (Original art gigis_lab)