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Power dumbbell incorporated with gyroscope and using centrifugal force to replace the conventional method of purchasing multiple array of weights to change the weight.

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Creative 15 Minutes Lamp

Creative 15-Minute Lamp

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2 In1 Walkie-Talkie Audio – LED Flashlight, Bluetooth Speaker and SOS GPS Locator Device by Jesung Kim, Jeon Sung-su, Kim Ki-Pil and Ku Ja-Yun

"Shaking Wash" by Jung Seub Lee - personal laundry washer for travelers; works on both batteries and electric power

Wave Dry – Indoor Solar Laundry Dryer by Hye Kyung Lee » Yanko Design

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15 Minutes Lamp by Hye Min Lee, Hye mi Lee and Sun Hwa Jung » Yanko Design

Results of the Europan 12 Architecture Competition