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an image of three circles with one circle in the middle and two circles at the bottom
Patterns — Chicks Who Quilt
Patterns — Chicks Who Quilt
a bunch of circles that are in the middle of a white paper with black lines on it
Shop | Category: Edge-to-Edge
Shop | Category: Edge-to-Edge
a black and white drawing of an intertwined square with two rectangles in the middle
Celtic Challenge 14
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and green colors on it's paper background
Watercolor, Fineliner, White Marker
an abstract painting with lines and colors
Victoria Potrovitza
Soulful Spiral Abstract Watercolor Painting
“In the garden of hope and possibility” ©Brenda Mangalore Watercolour on Canson Heritage Cotton paper — This spiral somehow slipped through the cracks and laid forgotten for months. It was left behind in the shuffle of the many projects I was juggling. . . However she laid patiently in her proud elegance & beauty. — May she remind you that quiet treasures are waiting for you, hope is always around the corner.
the christmas tree pattern is shown in black and white
Munnich Design - Quilt Recipes: Digital Quilting Pattern - Browse All Patterns
an image of different shapes and sizes on a quilted surface with the words squares, triangles
the word hello written in black and white with swirly lines on top of it
Wood Grain - .015 psi