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"Agents", 90cm x 100cm, yolk tempera, oil, canvas, 2013

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"We the Donuts", 100cm x 90cm, oil, canvas, 2014,123,we_the_donuts

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"Growing up is overrated", oil on canvas, 90cm x 90cm, 2014,141,growing_up_is_overrated

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"Identityless", oil on canvas, 130cm x 75cm, 2014.,125,identityless

"Inspiration" 110cm x 100cm, oil, canvas, 2013

"Le capitalism sombre", yolk tempera, oil, metallic flakes, mixed media, canvas, 2013

Artist at work;) Summer of 2010 - "Pink's not dead" - currently in private collection in Switzerland.

"Decorousness", 100cm x 100cm, oil, canvas, 2014

"I see you, baby", oil, canvas, luminescent acrylic, 90cm x 90cm, 2013

"Smiley Circus", oil on canvas, 120cm x 80cm, 2014 visit