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Humidifiers don't have to be Ugly!

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Here's a collection of beautiful humidifiers from Japan that won't be eyesores in your home.

Gizmine - Middle Colors Humidifier Now in a wooden grain finish

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The Middle Color Humidifier has been featured in Oprah and InStyle gift guides. It's a cheerful addition to anyone's home.

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This ultrasonic "mood" humidifier has an aroma diffuser capability and can emit a soft glowing light while the unit is working. The water vapor, scent, and light all work to calm your senses.

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Gizmine - Nearmore Hybrid Aroma Humidifier

Gizmine - ±Humidifier S

Gizmine - Natural Formula Vaporizing Humidifier

Gizmine - ±0 Steam Humidifier

Gizmine - Tower Hybrid Humidifier

The Mast humidifier is beautiful and unique, designed to remind you of a sailboat on the sea. Crafted individually from cypress wood, the sail naturally radiates moisture as well as a sweet, natural aroma into the room.

This elegant looking ultrasonic humidifier releases a mist from the top of its chimney. Looks great in any home.