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three different types of metal pipes with the words baaad and good written on them
Pitiwazou 3D Freelancer (@pitiwazou) on X
an intricately designed metal object is shown in blue and silver colors on a gray background
10 top 3D modeling tips
"You can create complex objects very quickly using deformers and selections. By making a tileable surface it is only a matter of adding a couple of bend deformers to get a complex-looking but attractive object.” Carlos Ortega Elizalde
an image of two bags that look like they have been made out of plastic wrappers
Tutorial. How make quad-lowpoly mesh with UV and SubDiv, Yura Karpenko
an image of a can with water droplets on the bottom and inside it's wrapper
PEPSI on Behance
an image of the muscles and their structures in 3dsquatche, with text below
How The F*#% Do I Model This? - Reply for help with specific shapes - (Post attempt before asking) - Page 121
a corset with lace and buttons on it
Female Sorcerer WIP Thread.
the side view of a purse with zippers on it and an arrow pointing up
[WIP] Tech Wizard Girl
Sport Shoes 3D Modeling ➤ studio Tsymbals Design in US Louis Vuitton, Trainers, 3d Scanning, 3d Rendering, 3d Art
Sneakers 3d Model ➤ Studio Tsymbals Design in US
Sport Shoes 3D Modeling ➤ studio Tsymbals Design in US