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일러스트 건강 다이어트 닭고기 라이프스타일 뷰티 사람 어른 여자 여자한명만 운동 웰빙 유혹 음식 의자 젊은여자 청년 컨셉 케이크 패스트푸드 페인터 피자 한명 햄버거 health diet chicken lifestyle beauty human adult woman exercise wellbeing temptation food chair cake food painter hamburger illust illustration #이미지투데이 #imagetoday #클립아트코리아 #clipartkorea #통로이미지 #tongroimages

I absolutely love this. It represents almost every woman's dream to appear perfect, which makes it timeless and relevant. I love how the measuring tape is also her extra weight. Very creative.

01.NET Magazine by Vincent Mahé, via Behance

by Angel Boligán Corbo. this is how i feel at work :-(

벡터 도시 스카이라인 실루엣

No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe,

Maybe the gardenia could be dropped into the book, water splashing

서울대 미술대학 주제-동물원을 홍보하는 그림을 그리시오

지구온난화 관련 광고

Illustrations by Wenqing Yan

This illustration accurately exposes the truth behind global warming. If nothing continues to be done about air pollution this will be the end result.