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an old wooden cabinet with glass doors and dishes on it's shelves in a white room
It's a nice dining room piece. I like the off white on the wall, it ages the space. Le tabouret is a nice piece, I'll build one :) I like having a choice for bowls. Depth, size, colour
a black cabinet with glass doors and white chairs
HOUSE of IDEAS Black cabinet - I like the idea of a treasure cabinet, for all your small findings and memories
a long wooden table topped with plates and bowls filled with food next to a window
The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company
island and dish cabinet!
an old white armoire in the corner of a room
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French style vintage armoire
a wooden cabinet filled with lots of pillows
Antique French Armoire- Gracefully-Vintage.Com
an old wooden cabinet with glass doors
Boutique | The Paris Apartment, Inc.
Antique French Armoire
an antique china cabinet with glass doors and shelves filled with books, knick - knacks and other items
a tall black cabinet with mirrored doors in an empty room
Industrial Chic
Antique school lockers via vignette design. Love antique lockers! If I could just find some!!
a cabinet filled with lots of dishes and silverware
Kitchens: Relaxed and Refined
Stainless steel mesh cabinet faces show off dish ware.
the linen closet is full of folded towels
Brabourne Farm
Linen closet organization
an old china cabinet with plates and bowls on it's glass doors in a dining room
the dining room table is set with white chairs and wicker baskets on top of it
Cabin Chic: Rooms with Wood Plank Ceilings
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and cabinet in it's centerpieces
Realtors Media House