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Hanbok【Korean Traditonal Dress】& Accessories

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As a Hanbok mania, I bought many Hanboks and acces~ but started to make it myself. 3 categories: trad, fusion, casual more information on pin

For comparison with a mid-Joseon Cheopji-meori/얹은 머리 (chignon with golden ornament hairstyle), here is a 19th century example, used by palace women. Note the red padded part. Via, from A Coreana Cosmetic Museum exhibition.

Parts of Royal Ceremonial Attire

ate Goryeo cloth from Gwanbok to commoner's dress. Commoner

from 『21 century the portrait of a beauty』 by Kim jung ran

Hanbok : Korean Traditional Dress (Modern fusion style)

Traditional wedding costume for bride.

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress] | #ModernHanbok

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Beautiful layers, korean Giseng.

Wonsam(Ceremonial Robe) of Princess Deok-on | Princess Deok-on(the third daughter of King Soonjo, 1822~1844) | Important Folklore Material No.211 Seok Juseon Memorial Museum, Dankook University