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an apple shaped glass object with a leaf sticking out of it's center, against a white background
Photo frame effect Globe Crystal ball - Pixiz
golden apple with leaf on white background
About Hippomenes of Greek Mythology
two statues of women standing next to each other
Works of art found on cameos | Antiques Board
a statue of a woman holding a plate in her hand and looking down at it
G. de Purucker’s Introduction to the Esoteric Tradition: The Word “Dogma”
a large mirror ball sitting on top of wooden crates
lacewings - @rotganzen
a glass block with water reflecting on it
Novelicious on Twitter
I'm not a very good writer but I'm an excellent rewriter. James A. Michener
a white candle that is sitting in some kind of rock with it's light on
The Gift Shop | Unique Gifts + Holiday Gift Ideas
an ornate column with flowers and leaves on it's sides, against a blue sky
Overlord 2 - Empire Pillar | Andor Kollar - Character Artist
3D artwork for Overlord 2. The pillar has very detailed capital, the high polygon mesh for this decorative column was modelled in Maya.
black and white photograph of various sculptures on the ground, including one woman's head
Ryan Hopkinson | FMA Le Bureau
black and white photograph of many different sculptures Expands into Fashion and Talent with the Acquisition of Domain - Pageantry Digital
a pile of white marble busturines sitting next to each other
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aesthetic, alternative, and statue image