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a small toy deer standing on top of a white floor
Sina Visitor System
mi ciervos | Micro Journal - lee como Wyatt
six calendars with animals on them are shown in different colors and sizes, each featuring an animal's face
Items similar to 2016 Calendar Cute Animal, Christmas Gift , New Year Gift, Nursery Art, Children Room Decor 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 on Etsy
League of Legends: Ahri http://blog.naver.com/ggu_mi Character Design, League Of Legends Characters, League Of Legends, Game Character, Mmorpg, Low Poly Character, Low Poly, Low Poly Models, 3ds
League of Legends: Ahri http://blog.naver.com/ggu_mi
a stuffed animal sitting in a chair next to a teddy bear and other items on a table
cute 3d creature
the animated man is leaning over with his head down
Pushing Your Rigs to the Limit- Using Exaggeration fo ore Appealing Animation
a cartoon dog is swinging on a swing with two strings in front of his face
Scott by Raphael Grosjean, via Behance
a small yellow airplane with wheels on the front and side, is shown in this image
Toma virtual / Nave espacial
two different colored animals standing next to each other
Behance :: Curated Galleries
3D Characters by Sandro Tatinashvili, via Behance
an animated character sitting at a desk with a bird perched on it's chest
Bill Plutonium
two pictures of an astronaut holding a black and white bowl
3D characters
3D characters by David Correa, via Behance
a cartoon dog holding a bucket and shovel
a house sitting on top of a tall tower in the middle of a desert area
Ariel Ratajczak