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Based in the Netherlands, the pair’s collection Botanica is a historical study as much as an art project, delving into the techniques and materials of the 18th and 19th centuries...

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BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2015 | Fasted by Studio Dessuant Bone, a family of tableware fasted of their functions. (spotted on the exhibition 'A Stomaco Vuoto' curated by DWA Studio).

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Al Vitra Design Museum i Formafantasma rendono omaggio ai maestri carbonai | Anteprime dal mondo

CAC03-Stoneware-by-Laura-Lynn-Jansen--Thomas-Vailly Objet en roche, le design détourne le principe naturel de création des stalactites. Magique!

'Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli' by Jin Hyun Jeon. Dutch Design Week 2012

Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli by Jinhyun Jeon

Sensorial stimuli Cutlery | Eindhoven based designer Jinhyun Jeon | The project aims to reveal just how much more, stretching the limits of what tableware can do. Focusing on ways of turning eating into a richer experience, a series of dozens of different designs were created, inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia. This is a neurological condition where stimulus to one sense can affect one or more of the other senses.