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a woman with pink flowers on her head and hair in the shape of a wreath
«Madre Natura è nera»: l’incredibile progetto fotografico di un artista americano
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a woman with flowers on her head is shown in this artistic photo by the photographer
LUCY'S Magazine Vol. 38
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the tree house is built on top of an island in the ocean, surrounded by trees
esther van heel (@esthervanheel) on X
sweet dreams
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair and green leaves around her neck
Terrarium, by Jason Levesque
a painting of a woman in the woods with a flute and deer antlers on her head
Ancient World Warrior Women
Before a novice may become an emerald knight they must seek out a dryad to receive their blessing. The journey is perilous and if they survive that they will reach the most dangerous part. A dryad is a more of a force of nature than a person and if they find the novice irreverent of life they will snuff them out effortlessly but if they are deserving they will be blessed with some of that raw, primal power.
a woman with deer antlers on her head and flowers in her hair is shown
Keyleth by MikandiOfficial Site, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr