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F_Bar BT Speaker _ Introduction to Bluetooth speakers with a stick form Design. The speaker mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. It can be used in a unique way UX. Move the left and right speakers mounted in the state It is possible to more greatly control the music volume in the direction of the desired place.

F_Toaster _ It introduces the toaster can burn delicious bread. If you do not use it with a very simple form, but you can remove the top cover to use. I try to burn only where the bread is usually not a concern.

F_Lighting _ A lighting feature to a usability. You can adjust the time you want only the external pressing force. Change the brightness according to the external force stronger.

F_Bar Lighting _ It introduces a simple type stand lighting. Usually, but objects that have beauty A special lighting that can illuminate where you want only a light touch.

F_Hair Dryer _ This a hair dryer that is freely modified. Fixed hair dryer gives discomfort when hair setting. By using a hair dryer with a free material has the advantage that you can easily use a small gesture.