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two lego people are riding on a skateboard
a minion is shaking hands with a banana toy on a white surface, which appears to be the character from despicable me
three lego minifigures are standing next to each other on a white surface
Unexpected gathering
some legos are standing in front of a pencil holder
a lego man riding a bike with a hot dog in the basket
a doll is standing next to a light that looks like a cell phone and a bench
two lego figures are holding a white cable
a lego batman figure holding a red flower surrounded by small blue plastic buttons on a white surface
three lego monster trucks with yellow tires and one green monster figure next to each other on a white surface
Incredible hulk
three lego figurines are standing next to each other on a white countertop
My lovely figure^^
there are many legos that have been made to look like men in orange vests
a lego man wearing a top hat and coat
a lego figure holding a pair of scissors on top of a white table with a red handle
too cute! #LEGO #Valentine
a group of lego people standing next to each other