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an advertisement for some kind of appetizer with meatballs and sour cream on the side
Boulettes de lentilles aux échalotes
there is a jar of hummus on the cutting board
Tartinade de lentilles corail { sans gluten, sans lait, sans œufs} - Allergique Gourmand
a drawing of a man holding a soccer ball and wearing a jersey with number one on it
Trafalgar Law One Piece x Haikyuu!!
a man laying in bed with his head on the pillow
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Image de trafalgar law
an anime character with red eyes looking at something
a drawing of a man holding a plant next to a polar bear
an image of two people in the air with clouds and stars above them that say danger
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a man with black hair is reading a newspaper
Law#one piece
an anime story page with two pages showing the same scene and one is in black and white
🐥あきっペ🐊 on X
Charlotte Katakuri Charlotte Brûlée ブリュレ Charlotte Anana アナナ merienda come to light ドフ部のあきっぺ@認知症さんのツイート: "カタクリさんメリエンダがバレそうになったから覇気を鍛えた説めっちゃ推していきたい… "
Crime, Ink, Trafalgar, Robin
an image of a man with no shirt on holding his leg up in the air
an image of a man with his arms in the air and another drawing of him
One Piece, Heart Pirates, Bepo, human